Cold remedies for kids without using medication? It means exactly what it says – for the common cold, try natural home remedies first before rushing to the drugstore for over-the-counter cold remedies.

Teach your child to wash their hands regularly. Especially every time they go to the bathroom and before they eat. Children touch a lot of surfaces that other children have touched while at school. Handwash products is one way to reduce the risk of spreading germs.

Eat breakfast every day – During sleep, the body is in starvation mode. The best way to get the metabolism running again is to eat breakfast. Many people believe that missing breakfast will help them lose weight but it has the opposite effect. The metabolism will eventually slow down. To cause a deficit in calories it is important that the metabolism remains high. Breakfast is a good habit and should be maintained. Try to consume foods high in protein but low in fat. Protein is filling.

Read the Signs. If you have a well child-seat yourself appropriately. If you have a sick child, respect the well child parents and remain separate! Keep in mind that many parents will not be so kind and many sick children will be playing in the well areas-so be vigilant in your hygiene!

With the addition of the largest H&M store in the Forum Shops at Caesars, Las Vegans can now buy H&M cosmetics. The H&M line of cosmetics includes makeup, skin care and body products. Like H&M clothing, the line is constantly updated to reflect seasons and colors. H&M does not allow animal testing on its products and all suppliers must meet the strict standards of the European Union quality and safety requirements.

Now for your nails, if it is brittle, special care has to be taken to prevent your nail from breaking like glass. Use cuticle cream, coat your nails with almond oil or Vaseline and do not expose your hands to too much of detergents. The chemicals from these detergents will not only make your nails brittle but also cause various skin diseases like eczema or skin peeling from hands. And if you have the habit of biting your nails, stop it right away cause the dirt inside your nails will cause stomach diseases.

The food that a person’s eat has direct impact and effect on one’s body. There are many studies and researches done on these aspects. Any doctor or nutritionist would advise their clients to have a balanced diet if they want to take good care of their bodies. The process of being beautiful through diet and nutrition maybe long unlike the cosmetics and other a knockout post that one uses which almost instantly deliver the results. But the difference lies on how long the effects last. With cosmetics, they can make a woman beautiful for few hours only, but proper diet and nutrition have a lasting effect on the body. To add to that, a well balanced nutrition will keep the body healthy and thus diseases are avoided.

Switch it off! If you keep forgetting to switch off light switches, electronic devices or the air conditioning system-add a sticky note. Never forget to turn off anything when you’re not using them. You can even opt to use a power strip to turn off multiple appliances at one time.

Follow these tips to protect your skin during the harsh winter months and your skin will be soft and smooth when the time comes round again for more exposure!